I am a designer/developer hybrid who never picked a bucket. Design systems, tools, and processes are my ideas of fun. I currently reside in Los Angeles area with my lovely family.

About Chris

Chris Griffin
Over twenty years ago, I started building websites with a pirated version of Photoshop, writing mangled HTML & CSS in Notepad on my Windows 95 PC, and uploading my creations to Geocities. When this website stuff turned into a paying job, the web standards movement was picking up steam, and websites had to work in Internet Explorer 6 because Microsoft was a bunch of sadists. Although the web has come a long way since then, my passion for solving problems and building scalable solutions with current web technologies has remained constant.

As a self-learner and tech DIY-er, I have learned and developed skills across several tech disciplines. My primary area of focus is design systems. I have worked mostly for small to large startups and have had various job titles, such as "designer," "developer,". For a complete list of my experience, please check out my résumé.


Original design and code authored by me. Website is designed in Figma and built with Gatsby, React, and Theme UI. Website hosted on Netlify.

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